Lulu Mall Pakistan Flag Controversy

Lulu Mall Pakistan Flag Controversy

A controversy has erupted over the placement of a Pakistani flag, larger in size than the Indian tricolor, at Lulu Mall in Kochi, Kerala. Pictures capturing this incident have gone viral on social media.

World Cup Flag Display

During the Cricket World Cup held in India, Lulu Mall displayed the flags of all participating nations. However, it was observed that while most flags were similar in size, the Pakistani flag was notably larger and situated next to the Indian tricolor.

Disregarding Flag Norms

This disproportionate placement has raised concerns as it violates Indian flag protocols. According to the established rules, no flag should be positioned above the Indian national flag, which is a symbol of immense pride.

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Demand for Adherence to Regulations

The law governing the national flag is clear in its guidelines, and adhering to these regulations is paramount. The public, displaying their disapproval, has shared images of this incident on social media.

Response from Mall

In response, Mall defended its actions by stating that the images circulating on social media were part of a misinformation campaign. They emphasized that the flags displayed at the mall were part of the Cricket World Cup’s opening-day celebration. Nonetheless, the controversy continues, with people criticizing the placement of the Pakistani flag in a manner that overshadowed the Indian tricolor.

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