Google Pay and PhonePe transactions are to be suspended starting January 1

Google Pay: The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has recently released new standards for the utilization of UPI IDs in an effort to bolster safety and forestall transactions that have not been approved. Users of Google Pay and PhonePe will be impacted in the same way by these restrictions, which are scheduled to go into force on January 1, 2024.

NPCI Orders Third-Party Apps to Identify Inactive Google Pay UPI Users

Users who have not logged in with their UPI ID for a full year will be flagged in accordance with the new policies, and it is possible that their accounts could be disabled as a result. In addition, consumers whose transaction rights might be suspended if they have not used their UPI-linked mobile number for transactions using credit or debit cards in the preceding year could also be affected by this change.

The National Payments Clearing Institute (NPCI) has requested that all apps, banks, and services provided by third parties conform with the newly issued rules by the end of this year. This involves making sure that UPI IDs are recognized and quickly updated, particularly when users change the cell phones associated with their accounts.

Google Pay and PhonePe transactions are to be suspended starting January 1

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Professionals in the technology sector advise users to activate and consistently use their UPI IDs in order to prevent any disruptions to their online transactions. They also underline how important it is to implement UPI ID as a tool for making online payments since it is both safe and easy.

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