WhatsApp Unveils New Voice Chat Feature2

WhatsApp has recently announced the release of a new voice chat feature that aims to enhance the user experience by allowing live conversations with large groups in a more seamless and less disruptive way. This new feature differs from regular voice calls in that it does not automatically ring group members when a voice chat is initiated.

WhatsApp Unveils New Voice Chat Feature

Instead, they receive a notification and have the choice to join the conversation at their convenience. This approach reduces disruptions for busy individuals or those who prefer not to be disturbed. Furthermore, this feature enables users to easily enter and exit conversations as needed. If someone is in a meeting but needs to temporarily step away, they can simply tap the chat bubble to leave the voice chat.

WhatsApp Unveils New Voice Chat Feature2

When ready to rejoin, they can tap the chat bubble again. This flexibility allows for greater multitasking and convenience.Additionally, the voice chat feature supports multitasking, allowing users to control the call and send text messages simultaneously. Moreover, the chats are end-to-end encrypted, ensuring privacy and security for participants.

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The new voice chat feature will be rolled out to iOS and Android devices in the coming weeks. It will be available for groups with 33 to 128 participants, while groups with fewer than 33 members will continue to use WhatsApp’s existing group voice call feature.

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