Infosys Key Decision

Infosys Key Decision: Major Decision on Campus Interviews

In a surprising turn of events, Infosys, one of India’s leading IT giants, has hired a staggering 50,000 freshmen in the country this year, setting a new record. The Chief Financial Officer of Infosys, Nilanjan Roy, revealed that this unique move was driven by exceptional demand. However, the company has made it clear that there won’t be any campus interviews for the foreseeable future due to various reasons. This bold hiring initiative comes at a time when many IT companies have significantly reduced their campus recruitment numbers.

Reasons for Massive Hiring:
The primary reason behind this extraordinary hiring spree is the unprecedented demand for skilled IT professionals. Infosys, in response to the extraordinary demand, decided to hire 50,000 freshmen at once. The company currently has a bench strength of freshmen who will undergo Gen AI training. Hence, they don’t plan to hire more for campus interviews anytime soon, ensuring that every batch receives in-depth scrutiny during training. This bold approach by Infosys is a testament to the dynamic IT job market in India.

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Attrition rate and flexibility:
Infosys has also managed to lower its attrition rate from 17.3% to 14.6% by offering employees the flexibility of working from home. As a result, they are not only retaining their existing workforce but also hiring in significant numbers. This strategy seems to be working well for the company as they have registered a net profit of INR 6,215 crores in the July-September quarter, marking a 3.1% increase. The total revenue has also risen by 6.7% to INR 38,994 crores.

In a time when campus interviews have become scarce, Infosys’ massive fresher hiring stands out as an exception. Their response to the surge in demand for IT professionals and the flexibility offered to employees has proved to be a winning combination. It remains to be seen how other companies in the IT sector will adapt to this changing landscape, and whether Infosys’ unique hiring approach will be a sustainable model for the future.

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