iPhone 16 Features: The Next Level of Innovation

According to Weibo leaker Instant Digital, there are rumours circulating about the upcoming iPhone 16 models. The leaker, who has a good track record of sharing accurate information about Apple’s plans, claims that these new models may feature an extra button. This news is definitely worth considering seriously.

iPhone 16 Features: Innovation at Its Finest

Instant Digital suggests that there is a “great chance” of getting an additional button on the iPhone 16. Additionally, Apple is said to be planning to relocate the mmWave antenna from the right side of the device to the left to accommodate this change.

The new button, referred to as the “Action Button” by Instant Digital, is said to sit flush with the device and use solid-state technology instead of the current standard button design. It is important to note that the volume and power keys are expected to remain the same.

This information aligns with details previously published by MacRumors in late September. According to MacRumors’ sources, the iPhone 16 will indeed have an extra button, which they call the “Capture Button.” This button will be located under the power button on the right side of the device and will be a capacitive button rather than a standard one.

MacRumors’ sources also mentioned that the mmWave antenna will be repositioned under the volume buttons, and the Action Button will incorporate solid-state technology.

While it is still unclear what specific function the Action Button will serve, it is possible that it could be used for taking photos and videos, launching Siri, or controlling other features of the device.

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To summarise, the rumoured key points regarding the iPhone 16 are as follows: It may have an extra button, referred to as the “Action Button” or “Capture Button,” which will be located under the power button on the right side of the device. This button will be a capacitive button, and the mmWave antenna will be relocated to the left side of the device. The purpose of the new button remains uncertain, but it could potentially be used for various functions, such as capturing media or controlling device features.

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