MS Dhoni Modest Couple Style Sparks Online Backlash

MS Dhoni : Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a hero in the history of Indian cricket. He is also the only captain to have led his country to win all three ICC awards. Dhoni is still very simple, even though he is very rich and has fans all over the world. His recent trip to his family town, Lwali, in Uttarakhand, showed this.

Netizens Overwhelmed by MS Dhoni Couple Simplicity

After almost twenty years, Dhoni went back to Almora, which is the center of the area, with his wife Sakshi Singh and daughter Jeeva. The locals made MSD feel very welcome, and they returned the favor with real kindness. It became so popular that Dhoni and his wife bowed humbly to an old woman. This showed how humble he was and touched many people.

Pan Singh, Dhoni’s father, lived in Lwali in the 1970s before moving to Ranchi to find work. The village is still not very developed, but Dhoni’s visit made everyone happy. Dhoni’s family and people in the area praised his return home, loving the chance to see their favorite cricket player again.

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Even though Dhoni thought about retiring after the 2019 World Cup, he didn’t actually do it until August 2020. He still makes a difference in the sport by bringing his team, the Chennai Super Kings, to their fifth championship win in the Indian Premier League (IPL).(MS Dhoni )

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