Navaratri Upavas Your Guide to Fasting

Navaratri Fasting and Rituals: A Guide to Spiritual Abundance

Significance of Devi Sharannavaratri

Devotees of the orthodox Hindu tradition hold Devi Sharannavaratri in the highest regard, as it is a time to worship the Goddess in her nine divine forms over the span of nine sacred days. To invite happiness and wealth into your life during this auspicious period, certain practices should be observed. Besides fasting for these nine days, here are essential considerations to keep in mind.

Purification of the Self and Surroundings

Begin by purifying your surroundings. A clean and harmonious environment fosters mental and spiritual tranquility. It’s important to rid your mind of negative thoughts and embrace a positive mindset. Commence your daily activities early in the morning, dressed in clean attire.

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Invoking the Divine

To welcome the Goddess’s presence into your home, traditionally place a kalash (sacred pot) in the puja hall on the first day of Navratri. Lighting an Akhanda Jyoti (continuous lamp) during this time is believed to greatly please Goddess Durga.

Daily Worship

During the nine days of Navratri, engage in daily worship of Goddess Durga, offering her flowers and sweets. Performing the aarti in the evening adds to the sanctity of the ritual. Red attire and makeup items can be offered to the goddess as auspicious tokens of reverence.

Final Day Celebrations

The last day of Navratri calls for a special pooja to honor the goddess. On Ashtami and Navami tithis of Navratri, it is customary to serve sweets and payasam to nine young girls. Seek their blessings and bestow gifts upon them, a gesture that is believed to bring immense joy to Goddess Durga.

In conclusion, Navratri fasting and rituals are not only a sacred tradition but also a spiritual journey. By observing these practices with devotion and sincerity, one can invite the blessings and grace of Goddess Durga, fostering happiness and prosperity in their lives.

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