Viral Video Exposed In Indecent Behaviour in LULU Mall

LULU Mall: In a shocking incident at a mall in Bengaluru, a man was caught on camera behaving indecently towards women. The crowded game zone became the scene of his inappropriate actions, as he deliberately targeted women and young girls without raising suspicion. With his hands in his pockets, he walked calmly but soon began touching women’s backs. Unfortunately, the women, assuming it was accidental due to the crowded space, chose to ignore his actions. However, one observant young man grew suspicious and decided to follow him. He recorded the man’s inappropriate behaviour on his phone and shared it on social media, leading to the police’s intervention.

Retired headmaster gropes women at LULU mall

The video quickly went viral, and the police were able to identify the culprit. A case was registered at Lulu Mall in Bengaluru, where a young woman was molested. The accused was later identified as Aswat Narayan, a retired headmaster of a prominent school associated with a well-known math Netizens expressed their astonishment that a teacher, who was supposed to educate and guide students, would engage in such reprehensible actions.

The mall manager promptly lodged a complaint with the police, who used the video as evidence to track down the accused. However, upon reaching his residence in Basaveshwara Nagar, Bangalore, they discovered that he had absconded, leaving his house locked. The Magadi Road Police are now actively searching for him.

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This incident serves as a reminder that vigilance is crucial in ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals, especially in public spaces. It is essential to report any suspicious behaviour to the authorities promptly. (LULU Mall Viral Video)

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