Andhra Pradesh Government Announces Good News for Ration Card Holders

Andhra Pradesh Government Announces Good News for Ration Card Holders

The Andhra Pradesh government has devised a meticulous plan for the phased supply of pulses, allocating 3,660 metric tonnes in the first phase and an additional 3,540 metric tonnes in the second phase. To meet the upcoming month’s requirements, an estimated 2,300 metric tonnes are already in the pipeline. This systematic approach aims to ensure the steady and consistent availability of pulses to the populace.

Navigating Global Pulse Scarcity: A Widespread Phenomenon

Internationally, the scarcity of pulses has triggered a substantial surge in prices. Even in India, where crops have entered the open market nationwide, the Food Corporation of India (FCI) has depleted its stock. As a consequence, the market prices of pulses have soared, ranging from Rs. 150 to Rs. 180 per kilogramme, contingent upon the variety.

Government Subsidy for Affordability: Alleviating the Burden

In a commendable effort to alleviate the financial strain on citizens, the government remains steadfast in its commitment to supply pulses to ration cardholders at a reduced rate of Rs. 67 per kilogramme. This indicates that the government subsidises nearly Rs. 70 per kilogramme, extending this subsidised provision not just for November but also for December and January. Recognising the significance of this initiative, the Andhra Pradesh government has made a request to the central government for an allocation of 50,000 metric tonnes of pulses.

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Direct Procurement: Streamlining the Supply Chain

To streamline the pulse supply chain and ensure a consistent flow of pulses, the government is contemplating direct procurement from farmers at market prices. This strategic move aims to procure approximately 30,000 metric tonnes during the ongoing kharif season. Subsequently, these pulses will undergo processing and be distributed to ration cardholders at subsidised rates, further enhancing accessibility.

Sustained Ration Distribution: Ensuring Regular ProvisionAndhra Pradesh

The government is taking proactive measures to ensure that

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