Rahul Gandhi Speaks Out on His Marriage Status

Rahul Gandhi Addresses Questions on Marriage and Personal Care

Rahul Gandhi, a prominent Congress leader and Member of Parliament, frequently finds himself at the center of discussions and inquiries from the public. Despite the scrutiny and occasional criticism, he often responds to questions with a characteristic smile. Among the recurring inquiries directed at Rahul are two particularly prominent ones: When will he become the Prime Minister, and when will he get married?

Response on Marriage

During an interaction with the student body at Maharani College in Jaipur, Rajasthan, a question about his marital status arose. A young woman posed the question, asking why the 53-year-old leader remains unmarried. Rahul Gandhi’s response was candid and straightforward. He explained that his commitment to his work and activities within the Congress party has left him with little time for marriage.

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Personal Care and Skincare

The students engaged Rahul with a wide range of questions, spanning both political and personal topics. In response to inquiries about his skincare routine, Rahul revealed that he doesn’t use any creams or soaps on his face; instead, he simply washes it with water.

Insights into Rahul Gandhi’s Life

The candid conversation delved into various aspects of Rahul Gandhi’s life, uncovering details about his favorite snacks, meals, interests, and more. Rahul Gandhi made an effort to address the students’ inquiries to the best of his ability, offering insights into his personal preferences and choices.

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