The Unsung Hero of Telangana According to Revanth Reddy

Telangana CM Revanth Reddy said he didn’t agree with former CM KCR’s claim that he was the “father of Telangana,” saying that Professor Jayashankar is the real state planner. When Revanth Reddy met with teachers, labor unions, and government workers, he stressed that Telangana wasn’t made by just one political party, but by the work of many different groups.

The Unsung Hero of Telangana According to Revanth Reddy

Revanth Reddy stressed that Telangana’s drive for statehood was peaceful and praised the work of teachers, students, workers, and labor groups, pointing out that there was no violence during the whole process. He criticized KCR for things he thought were not true and brought up the sacrifices people like Constable Krishnaiah had made, comparing them to KCR’s family, who he said didn’t make any.

Revanth Reddy also said that he was going to talk to Governor Tamilisai about supporting Professor Kodandaram run for the Legislative Council. This shows how important culture is in Telangana. He talked about how important it was to keep Telangana’s principles alive and criticized KCR’s leadership, saying that the state’s economy was falling because his government relied too much on alcohol sales during his 10 years in office.

Finally, Revanth Reddy’s statements show that people are still arguing about Telangana’s character and the important people who shaped it. They stress how important it is to recognize the efforts of many people to the state’s growth.

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