The Rise of Dhinakaran: A New Force in Tamil Nadu Politics

The yellow party and T T V Dhinakaran’s Amma Makkal Munnetra Kazhagam (AMMK) have allied for the Lok Sabha elections. This benefits the Tamil Nadu BJP. Dhinakaran, a former BJP opponent, said he would unconditionally welcome Narendra Modi’s return as prime minister. This was a major reversal from his previous statement.

The Rise of Dhinakaran: A New Force in Tamil Nadu Politics

Dhinakaran’s political career has circled with his BJP appointment. Formerly expelled from AIADMK. This allows O Panneerselvam, another former AIADMK leader, to join the BJP. PMK is expected to join the coalition, leaving the AIADMK without major partners. Due to this, the opposition is seeking alliances to oppose the DMK.

Many AMMK supporters in Central and Southern Tamil Nadu, notably the Mukulathor, believe Dhinakaran’s joining the BJP coalition would increase their vote. Even after the AMMK lost power in 2021, Dhinakaran’s influence on his supporters has remained strong, strengthening the bond, according to the BJP.

Dhinakaran claimed no explicit demands were made regarding fighting under a particular symbol or vote allocation to demonstrate the alliance’s helpfulness. This action is intended to win over Mukulathor followers who dislike the AIADMK’s leadership removal policy. Regional alliances and electoral strategies are altering, and Dhinakaran’s arrangement with the BJP affects Tamil Nadu’s political climate strategically.

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