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Chiyaan 62: Vikram to Star in Rural Commercial Drama After Long Time

Chiyaan 62: Chiyaan Vikram, a highly talented and versatile actor in the Tamil cinema industry, has pleasantly surprised his fans with an exciting announcement about his upcoming film, tentatively titled Chiyaan 62. After a long hiatus, Vikram will be starring in what is expected to be a captivating mass film. The news of this project has already generated buzz on social media, thanks to an intriguing storyline and a raw and intense announcement video.

In the video, set in a festive village, a scene unfolds at a police station, where a seemingly trivial issue involving Vikram’s torn sandals escalates into a fierce fight among him and others. This glimpse into the film has left fans eagerly anticipating Vikram’s return to his commercial roots.

While Vikram has been exploring various genres and experimenting with different types of films, it has been a while since he has appeared in a traditional rural commercial drama. This film is seen as an opportunity for him to regain his former glory and deliver a major hit.

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The talented GV Prakash Kumar is composing the music for the film Chiyaan 62, which Riya Shibu is producing under the HR Pictures banner.

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