Government Mandates Permission for Second Marriages

Second Marriages: State Government Approval Required

The government’s recent decision to mandate permission for second marriages has sparked a contentious debate. While proponents argue it promotes transparency and safeguards individuals’ rights, critics view it as government overreach into personal matters. The new regulation necessitates individuals seeking a second marriage to obtain government authorization, disclosing details of their previous marriage and reasons for the subsequent union. It aims to prevent fraudulent marriages and ensure legal responsibilities from prior marriages are addressed. The extent to which this mandate affects personal freedoms and societal norms is a subject of ongoing discussion.

1. Second Marriages: State Government Approval Required

  • Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma emphasises that individuals wishing to enter into a second marriage, regardless of community, must obtain permission from the state government. This requirement applies even if the first wife is alive, ensuring that second marriages are not conducted without proper authorization.

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2. Resolving Pension Disputes: Strict Enforcement

  • CM Himanta Biswa Sharma emphasises the strict enforcement of orders to address disputes regarding pension claims by the wives of deceased government employees. Conflicts often arise in cases where a government employee has two wives, determining the eligible recipient of pension benefits. The government is committed to resolving these disputes through rigorous implementation of decisions.

3. Compliance with Assam Government Service Rules

  • Assam government service rules stipulate that government employees are prohibited from entering into second marriages. CM Himanta Biswa Sharma highlights that despite certain religions allowing for second marriages, individuals from these faiths must still obtain permission from the state government to ensure legal compliance.

4. Preventing Pension Eligibility Disputes

  • The implementation of these rules by the Assam government aims to prevent ongoing disputes where the wives of deceased government employees with multiple marriages vie for pension eligibility. By issuing specific notifications and adhering to these regulations, the government seeks to bring clarity to cases involving government employees with more than one spouse, thereby avoiding conflicts related to pension entitlement.

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