Unstoppable Surprise: Rashmika Live Chat with Vijay Deverakonda

“Unstoppable with NBK,” Balakrishna’s OTT Telugu talk show, is making things different. People like the show because of its lively conversations, interesting activities, and Balakrishna’s energy and timing.

Unstoppable with NBK: Virosh Live Chat Goes Viral

  1. Talking over a drink, surprising stories, and temple tales

In the most recent “Unstoppable with NBK” show, Ranbir Kapoor and Rashmika join the Animal team. Balakrishna made a joke that Sandeep Vanga could become a member of his favorite liquor brand before talking about how Boyapati Srinu works. Sandeep said that he carefully plans every temple action scene, which shows how Tollywood works behind the scenes.

  1. A tribute to Ranbir Kapoor and a live call with Rashmika

Ranbir Kapoor read Balakrishna’s “Flute” dialogue, which showed how friendly and open the film business is to people from different cultures. Rashmika called Vijay Deverakonda out of the blue, which made things even more exciting and set a fun mood.

  1. Interactions that are funny, wise, and surprising

The episode is funny, insightful, and surprising. Balakrishna’s presentation and the show’s flexible format make it a must-see on the OTT platform for people who like Telugu films and chat show fans who want something different.

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Fans of “Unstoppable with NBK” can look forward to more special moments and star appearances. The episode on November 24 will also be a fun and smart Telugu talk show.

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