Sultan of Delhi

“Sultan of Delhi”: A Review

“Sultan of Delhi” is the latest web series streaming on the “Hotstar” platform. This gangster drama unfolds between 1947 and 1965, against the backdrop of a post-independence India in turmoil. Ashok Bhatia, belonging to a prosperous family in Lahore, survives the partition horrors with his young son, Arjun Bhatia (Tahir Raj Bhasin). Their journey takes them to Delhi, and the series revolves around their life in the midst of gangster politics and personal vendettas.

A Multifaceted Tale:

The story is layered with complex characters like Arjun, who grows up fearless and becomes involved with an arms dealer named Jagan Seth (Vinay Pathak). His friendship with Bengali (Anjum Sharma) adds depth to the narrative. On the other side, Rajender Singh (Nishant) continues his father’s legacy of exploiting refugees, creating a power struggle. This sets the stage for a gripping tale of revenge, love, and rivalry.

Screen Adaptation:

Based on the book “Sultan of Delhi” by Arnab Ray, the series captures the period’s atmosphere authentically, with meticulous attention to detail, depicting cars, bikes, trains, and clothing from that era.

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Flawed Execution:

While the series builds a vast narrative, it struggles to maintain engagement and falls short of creating a captivating viewing experience. The story takes on unnecessary subplots, such as politics and character intentions, which hinder the central storyline’s progress. There is an element of confusion surrounding the character Sankari’s true intentions, which perplexes the audience for a considerable duration. The pre-climax introduces a twist, but the climax feels somewhat awkward.

Missing Emotional Connection:

The action sequences are decent, but the emotional engagement is lacking. The screenplay, despite the expansive narrative, lacks the magic or twists that could make it truly compelling.


“Sultan of Delhi” is a gangster drama with a promising premise that falls short in execution. While it effectively captures the period’s ambiance, the series struggles to keep the viewers consistently engaged and connected to the characters and their stories.

Rating: 2.5/5

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