Manchu Lakshmi Kiss Photos Spark Controversy

Manchu Lakshmi : Everyone was shocked to learn about the recent reconciliation between two prominent Tollywood star families, Megastar Chiranjeevi and Mohan Babu. After years of disputes, the families came together to celebrate Diwali, showcasing a newfound unity that has captured the attention of many. This historic moment marks a significant milestone in the history of Telugu cinema.

Check out the viral photos of Manchu Lakshmi kissing a young hero.

Manchu Lakshmi Shines in the Limelight

During the Diwali festivities, Manchu Lakshmi, known for her versatile roles, stole the show with her vibrant personality and infectious energy. Her presence added a touch of glamour to the celebrations, and she was joyfully captured in photos shared on Instagram.

Playful Exchange with Young Heroes

One particular photo caught the post-Diwali buzz, featuring a playful exchange between Manchu Lakshmi and young heroes. In a picture with film hero Allu Shirish, the son of producer Allu Aravind, Lakshmi shared a cheek kiss, sparking curiosity and conversations. While some fans appreciated the friendly gesture, others questioned its appropriateness.

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Social Media Criticism: Netizens Question Lakshmi’s Intentions

Manchu Lakshmi’s growing presence on social media has not been without its fair share of criticism. Netizens have questioned the actress-producer’s bold moves, suggesting that they may be driven by a desire for publicity. Opinions on Lakshmi’s choices during the festivities varied, sparking discussions on age-appropriateness and the pursuit of recognition on social media platforms.

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