18 OTT Platforms Blocked in India Over Content Concerns

18 OTT Platforms: It’s been the first time ever that OTT platforms have become so popular, especially in India, during an epidemic. But problems have come up with screening that isn’t good enough and laws that don’t properly control digital content.

Concerned about these issues, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has stopped 18 over-the-top (OTT) sites that are thought to be breaking the law. People are complaining that these sites spread information that is rude, dirty, and sometimes sexual.

Along with OTT platforms, the government has taken action against 19 websites, 7 apps from the Google Play Store, and 3 apps from the Apple App Store. More than that, people in India can’t get to 57 linked social media sites on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and Instagram.

Many people are looking forward to seeing how these rules affect websites when they are put into place by the government. People are interested in what will happen next in this ongoing story and how much power the government has over digital content.

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