Suhas New Role: Dealing with Prosopagnosia in 'Prasanna Vadanam'

Tollywood actor Suhas has been making a lot of noise with his new movies, which are very different from his comedic roles. He is now the main hero in all of them. Fans of “Ambajipeta Marriage Band” have helped Suhas become very famous recently. He is known for putting on great shows. People first became aware of Suhas for his role in the hit movie “Color Photo.” He continues to captivate them with his wide range of roles and unique stories. His most recent work, “Prasanna Vadanam,” looks like it will have another interesting story.

The movie made by Arjun YK has important roles for Payal Radhakrishna and Rashi Singh. With help from Manikantha JS and Prasad Reddy TR’s production work and with the help of Little Thoughts Cinemas and Arha Media, “Prasanna Vadanam” has released a unique video that has gone popular on social media.

The video hints at an interesting story by showing Suhas character dealing with prosopagnosia, a disease that makes people forget faces but remember other things about a person. Things take a surprising turn, though, when Suhas character faces a tough problem. People are interested and can’t wait for more because the teaser shows a bit of the main character’s story as he travels through this strange land.

Because of its unique concept and interesting plot, “Prasanna Vadanam” is expected to be another important step in Suhas’s career, attracting viewers and making them eager for its release.

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