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“Vijay Thalapathy or Lokesh: The Catalyst Behind Leo Fever”

Vijay: The anticipation surrounding the upcoming film ‘Leo’ isn’t solely attributed to Vijay’s involvement; it predominantly arises from the acclaimed director Lokesh Kanagaraj. Lokesh is a highly regarded filmmaker in India, known for consistently delivering blockbuster films that have grossed over 100 crores at the box office. His storytelling abilities have earned admiration from a wide audience, particularly among young movie enthusiasts.

Lokesh’s profound passion for the world of cinema is evident, drawing inspiration from various sources such as writers, storyboard artists, and action directors. He firmly believes that filmmaking is a craft rooted in solid techniques. His previous works, including ‘Maanagaram,’ ‘Kaithi,’ ‘Master,’ and ‘Vikram,’ have all been action-packed hits that shattered box office records.

Lokesh is gearing up for the release of ‘Leo,’ featuring Vijay Thalapathy and Trisha Krishnan in leading roles. The excitement for ‘Leo’ extends beyond Tamil cinema enthusiasts and has captured the attention of film buffs across India. There’s a palpable anticipation that the film will set new records, both in theatrical releases and non-theatrical business, within the history of Tamil cinema.

The promotional posters for ‘Leo’ in Telugu and Kannada have garnered an overwhelmingly positive response, making it the first South Indian film to open with a collection of 10 crores in the Southern states. This heightened buzz and anticipation owe their existence primarily to Lokesh Kanagaraj’s exceptional directorial prowess, often overshadowing Vijay’s presence in the film. Lokesh has already achieved a remarkable box office collection of over 400 crores with ‘Vikram,’ starring Kamal Haasan, while Vijay’s highest-grossing film stands at 269 crores. With ‘Leo,’ Vijay is poised to break his own record, and the film is also making history as the first South Indian film to be released in Bangladesh.

However, renowned critic Manobala Vijaybalan has emphasized that the excitement surrounding ‘Leo’ is not even 0.1% due to Joseph Vijay’s presence. He underscores that the fervor for ‘Leo’ primarily revolves around Lokesh Kanagaraj’s sterling reputation as a director. Lokesh has entered the ₹400 crore club with ‘Vikram,’ while Vijay’s career-best lifetime gross stands at ₹269 crore. The impending release of the ‘LeoTrailer’ is eagerly awaited to clarify whether the film is a remake of ‘A History of Violence’ or not.

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