Dubai is a dry country that is known for not getting wet, but since Saturday, it has been drenched with heavy rains that have stopped all activity in the busy city. Roads and open spaces that are usually dry turn into brief ponds that get in the way of daily life. Dubai Airport, which is the biggest airport in the world, had a lot of trouble because of bad weather. Several flights had to be canceled or rerouted.

Rainy Days in the Dubai Desert

Dubai got an amazing 50 mm of rain in just six hours, which is a lot more than the 120 mm of rain that falls there every year. There was an odd amount of rain, along with thunder and lightning, which damaged trees all over the city. To lessen the damage, the government moved quickly to clear sewage systems and remove downed trees.

There were big problems with traffic because of the heavy rain, which got cars stuck on important roads. People in the area were told to be careful because rains could last until Sunday, according to the authorities. There are times when it rains in the winter on the Arabian Peninsula, but not very often.

As of today, the National Meteorological Center of Dubai says it will rain until Sunday, mainly in the north and east. Things should get better by Sunday night, though. It should be dry on Monday, but there might be fog in the morning.

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