How Pradhan Mantri KUSUM is Changing the Game for Farmers

One hidden treasure in the wide landscape of government attempts to help farmers is the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Urja Suraksha evam Utthaan Mahabhiyan, or PM Kusum Yojana. This March 2019 Central government program continues to grow with an aim for continuous success. PM KUSUM is helping the government promote solar energy in agriculture. Installing solar pumps and solar power plants nationwide will allow farmers to use clean, renewable energy to power their agricultural pump sets.

How Pradhan Mantri KUSUM is Changing the Game for Farmers

Pradhan Mantri KUSUM does not allow farmers to directly apply for benefits, unlike other programs. Groups of farmers, panchayats, or cooperatives must apply. The government installs 7.5-HP solar pumps after permission. A big subsidy covers a large amount of program costs. How is the remaining 40% divided? The Centre provides 30% and farmers pay 10% beforehand. Farmers get a hefty 60% of the investment without payback using this financing arrangement. Farmers can afford the remaining 30% by borrowing it.

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Beyond its obvious effects, PM KUSUM has several hidden benefits. Did you know farms may create excess power using solar panels? This makes them more self-sufficient and allows them to sell extra energy. The government’s large-scale solar power plants make excess energy valuable. This maintains local DISCOM demand. Farmers may apply online for this program via the Central Government’s websites for states like Telangana. A toll-free hotline makes it easy for farmers to participate in the initiative.

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