Yamaha RX100 Parade in Puducherry

Revival of Vintage Bikes: Yamaha RX100 Parade in Puducherry

Yamaha RX100 Bike: In the city of Karaikal, Puducherry, the Yamaha Rider Workshop has gained popularity for its expertise in refurbishing classic Yamaha bikes, particularly the iconic RX100 model. Over time, numerous individuals have acquired these old bikes through the workshop. As part of a longstanding tradition, many RX100 bike owners gather at the workshop during Ayudha Puja to pay homage and celebrate their beloved machines. This year, around 200 RX100 bike owners, accompanied by their friends and family, congregated at the Yamaha Bike Rider Workshop.

The Grand Parade of Classic Bikes

Following meticulous cleaning and decoration, the 200 Yamaha RX100 bikes were proudly displayed in the workshop for a ceremonial blessing. Visitors were treated to sweets, heightening the festive atmosphere. The grand procession then commenced, led by DMK MLA Naga Thiagarajan. Each participating RX100 bike owner received a Yamaha t-shirt, adding to the splendour of the event.

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A Rare and Resonant Sight

In today’s world, where Yamaha RX100 bikes have become increasingly scarce on the roads, the sight of 200 of these classic machines rumbling together filled the hearts of local residents and onlookers with excitement. The distinctive growl of their exhausts, a signature feature, made these bikes instantly recognisable. The parade served as a nostalgic reminder of the iconic status these bikes held in the past.

Environmental Considerations

While the Yamaha RX100 parade was undoubtedly a memorable event, it’s crucial to acknowledge that older vehicles like these have fallen out of favour due to environmental concerns and government regulations aimed at reducing pollution. Nevertheless, for a brief moment, the streets of Puducherry reverberated with the sounds of these timeless motorcycles, reigniting cherished memories of an era when they ruled the roads.

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