Hero Passion Pro vs. Splendor

Hero Passion Pro: Unveiling the Underdog of the Two-Wheeler World

In the realm of two-wheelers in India, the name Hero Splendor reigns supreme as the best-selling bike in the country. However, tucked away at the same price range is the Hero Passion Pro, an underdog that excels in various aspects and boasts the aesthetics of a youth sports bike.

Power and Performance

The Hero Passion Pro packs a punch with its 110cc engine, delivering an impressive 10 PS of power. In comparison, the Splendor lags behind with its 97cc engine. While the new Passion Pro comes at a slightly higher price point due to taxes and other expenses, older models are available for a steal, priced at just under Rs 40,000.

Explore OLX for Hero Passion Pro Deals

For those seeking budget-friendly options, OLX is a treasure trove. The 2017 Hero Passion Pro is listed on the website at a reasonable Rs 35,000. Although it has been on the road for a while, it’s reputed to be in good condition. The added bonus is that the insurance coverage extends until 2023, offering peace of mind and extending its longevity.

Another tempting deal on OLX features the 2015 model Hero Passion Pro, available at a mere ₹30,000. This bike is in excellent condition and presents an affordable alternative for those who want the best value for their money.

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Seeking Brand New? Check Bikedekho

For those desiring a brand-new experience, Bikedekho offers a 2019 model Hero Passion Pro for ₹45,000. Its slightly higher price is justified by its pristine condition and minimal usage. It’s an excellent option for buyers who prefer the feel of a new bike.

In conclusion, the Hero Passion Pro emerges as a compelling choice for two-wheeler enthusiasts, offering style, performance, and affordability that make it a worthy contender alongside its famous sibling, the Hero Splendor.

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