Gogoro Unveils a bike lineup for India

A two-wheeled revolution awaits! With the GX-250, Taiwanese EV powerhouse Gogoro launched its first electric bike in India. Three models of this elegant crossover will arrive in the first half of 2024, with two more in the second half. Gogoro delivers to your door—forget dealerships!

The GX-250 isn’t your typical e-bike. Known for its integrated Operating System Unit (OSU), its design stands out. Its stylish LED headlight and robust, modified steel body make it stand out. But it’s more than looks.

Gogoro Unveils a bike lineup for India

For ease of use, it has disc brakes on both wheels. The GX-250’s large back and movable rear seat make it suitable for commercial usage. With a 2.5 KW motor, this electric beast has a 111-km range and can reach 60 km/h.

The lightning-fast battery exchange is the game-changer. Free yourself from range anxiety! Battery swapping takes seconds, ensuring your trip is uninterrupted. Gogoro’s fascinating new player is trending on social media even if its website is under development.

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Gogoro will alter the Indian EV market. The GX-250 stands to revolutionize the game with its new features, beautiful appearance, and direct-to-consumer strategy. Keep an eye out for developments as this thrilling launch approaches!

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