Introducing Vande Sadharan Train Vande Bharat

Introducing Vande Sadharan Train: Vande Bharat

The Vande Bharat Express trains represent a new era in Indian railways, offering high-speed and comfortable travel connections between various cities. However, these trains have traditionally been fully air-conditioned, making ticket prices less accessible to the common man.

Railway Minister’s Announcement:
Union Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav recently shared insights about the new Vande Sadharan trains, aiming to make rail travel more affordable. These trains are being introduced to address the common complaint that Vande Bharat trains are often beyond the budget of everyday passengers.

Current Scenario:
Currently, the 34 Vande Bharat trains that connect different cities offer only air-conditioned seating. Despite the cost, these trains have gained popularity among travelers due to their speed and comfort. However, soon, sleeper coaches will be added to their services, extending the reach of Vande Bharat trains to remote areas.

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Introducing Vande Simil Trains:
To cater to the common man, the Railway Department is preparing non-air-conditioned Vande Simil trains. These trains, also known as non-AC push-pull trains, feature unique engines at both the front and rear. The aim is to launch these trains by the end of the year, with a trial run scheduled for later this month.

Coach Details:
These trains are being manufactured at the Integral Coach Factory in Chennai, the same facility responsible for Vande Sleeper coaches. A Vande Simil train comprises 22 coaches, including 12 sleeper class coaches, 8 general coaches, and 2 guard coaches.

Future Plans:
The railway authorities are also planning the introduction of Vande Metro and Vande Sleeper coaches by March of next year. The Vande Sleeper coach will consist of 16 coaches, featuring 11 AC 3-tier coaches, 4 2-tier AC coaches, and 1 first-class AC coach. These endeavors are geared towards making train travel more accessible and convenient for all passengers.

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