Trendy phone covers of 5 sexy actresses

Trendy phone covers of 5 sexy actresses
Trendy phone covers of 5 sexy actresses

The following are the trendy phone covers of sexy actresse in Bollywood who embrace a new trend in everything they do. Even they are highly selective about the covers they use for their mobiles. Take a look! 

1. Ananya Panday 

Ananya has no excuse to be rude considering her phone cover screams “It’s never a bad idea to be kind” in multi-coloured font. The transparent case is finished with a side of Y2K-style bead chain which allows for a good hold. We love when we can hang our phone around our arm rather than forgetting where we kept it literally 3 seconds ago! 

12. Janhvi Kapoor 

Although Janhvi prefers clear cases for that gigantic iPhone 12 pro max, she always personalizes them with cute memorabilia. In her mirror selfie here, you can easily notice the pink pop-socket and a Polaroid photo. One cannot simply dismiss the handiness of a pop-socket. 

Trust Alia to have a collection of personalised items around her, like the embossed peach phone cover seen in her selfie here. The solid-coloured case is simple but impactful. 

Quirky designs are the best way to werk the phone cover trend and Shanaya’s pink Elmo case is the right way to go. It’s got colour but it’s also largely sombre-hued which will allow you to mix-and-match with way more outfits than you’d anticipated. 

5. Disha Patani 

We agree that this photo might be slightly obsolete since changing phone covers frequently is a thing, but we are hoping that Disha still has her marble phone case lying around somewhere. A good marble-effect phone cover is an easy way of appearing stylish by putting in minimal effort. 


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