Brother of PM Modi against payment of GST

Brother of PM Modi against payment of GST
Brother of PM Modi against payment of GST
Prahlad Modi, the brother of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Vice-president of All-India Fair Price Shop Association has  raised his voice in support of traders who are protesting intensively in Gujarat  to fulfill their demands. 
Prahlad Modi advised the traders to launch an agitation to convey their justified demands to both Central and Maharashtra government. While addressing a gathering of traders in Thane, he said, “Agitate in such a way that both Narendra Modi and Udhav Thackeray should come to your doorstep”. He further added, “We are living in ‘lokshahi'(democracy) not in ‘ghulami'(slavery)”.

Prahlad Modi represents around 6.5 lakh fair price shopkeepers across the country. The PM’s brother said, “Be it Prime Minister Modi or the Chief Minister of the State, they have to listen to you. I am telling you this.. today write a letter first to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra about our demands and tell that we will not pay GST till the demands are met”.

Prahlad Modi is up in arms against the Government on GST in support of the traders, who were badly affected by the lockdown induced by the Covid-19 pandemic in Thane district of Maharashtra.


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