Karnataka Ex CM slip of tongue against Sumalatha


The Ex Chief Minister of Karnataka H.D. Kumaraswamy has slipped his tongue while making comments against the Mandya M.P. Sumalatha. He reacted over Sumalatha’s comments over the water leakage from Krishnarajasagar dam across Tungabhadra river. As a part of his reaction, Kumarswamy has said that Sumalatha needs to lie down across the dam to arrest the leakages which created furore among political circles. 

After meeting the Chief Minister B. S.Yediyurappa along with activists of JD(S) on Mysore sugar factory issue, Kumaraswamy has spoken to media and in one context he chided Sumalatha for acting as if she is spearheading the safety of the KRS dam in view of her comments on leakage of water and further commented that its better if Sumalatha lies across the dam to plug the leakages, he added. He further clarified that Mandya will not see an M.P. like her and she also doesn’t get another opportunity to get elected from there so it’s better to do service to people properly, Kumaraswamy retorted.

Sumalatha got elected from Mandya constituency after defeating Nikhil Gowda of JD(S) in 2019 elections who happens to be the son of Kumaraswamy and its quite evident that the feud between these two might have triggered such unwarranted comments from Kumarswamy against Sumalatha. We have to see how Sumalatha reacts and what would be the outcome of these comments.



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