Why Aamir Khan rejected ‘Sanju’?

Why Aamir Khan rejected 'Sanju'?
Why Aamir Khan refused 'Sanju'?

Sanju based on the life of popular actor Sanjay Dutt was released three years ago has won many awards and Ranbir Kapoor who played the character of Sanjay Dutt in the film too received tremendous response for his authentic portrayal.

But there are many twists involved in the selection of the cast for this film. As a matter of fact, the role of Suni Dutt played by Paresh Rawal has to be played by Aamir Khan. The director Rajkumar Hirani even approached Aamir Khan to play this character but Aamir refused and cited the reasons behind the refusal in an interview recently.

Aamir actually wanted to play the character of Sanjay Dutt himself but as Ranbir Kapoor has already got selected for this role he could not interfere. Rajkumar Hirani also gave another version saying that Aamir has refused as he doesn’t want to play an elder character of Suni Dutt in the film.

Sanju which was released worldwide in 5,500 screens has won awards and Ranbir Kapoor has won the Best Actor award for this film in the Indian Film Festival in Melbourne. So Aamir who could not be a part of this hit film has expressed that he has no regrets whatsoever and said that these kind of things happen in industry so there is no need to worry about the lost opportunities.


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