Health Benefits of Tulsi Water !!

There are plenty of options available for treating various types of illness naturally. Basil leaves or Tulsi is considered to be the best option overall. You might have observed elders sipping Tulsi chai every morning and the main reason is its tremendous health benefits. Basil leaves for Tulsi are packed with various supplements including vitamin A, vitamin D, iron, dissolvable and insoluble strands. Thus you must include Tulsi in your diet to the range of common ailments. Drinking Tulsi water is good for your health and the benefits of drinking Tulsi water for good health.

1.Tulsi water helps in regulating your blood sugar levels. Daily consumption of Tulsi water helps the metabolism of carbs and fats, which ensures the sugar in the blood is utilised for energy.

2. consuming Tulsi water helps you in bowel movement and fights against all digestion problems.

3. Tulsi water helps you in preventing certain respiratory diseases like cold, flu, and asthma.

4. Studies suggested that Tulsi help in balancing stress hormone, cortisol hormone, in the body. Subsequently, Tulsi water helps you in controlling depression and anxiety.

5. Tulsi water helps for a better digestive system and a good digestive system will help you lose weight.


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