Foods You Should Avoid If You Have COVID-19 !!

Corona patients must avoid food items with have excessive sodium content. Experts recommend protein-rich items for Corona patients – especially, non-vegetarian/meat items. However, at the same time, they advise avoiding red meat items such as beef and mutton-these contain excess saturated fat and also, enhance inflammation.

For getting the required protein content, the Corona patients can take fish and sprouted pulses. They can take an avocado, olive oil, etc., as they are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.

Food items deep-fried in oil affect the micro-bodies and germs in the stomach which help the digestion system.

Any increase in the intake of harmful fat leads to a direct increase in the prospects for heart-related diseases. Avoid spicy masala-rich food items as well, this may lead to inflammation of the throat.


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