Donald Trump look alike surfaces in Pakistan

Donald Trump look alike surfaces in Pakistan

Pakistani singer-songwriter Shehzad Roy shared a video on Instagram which shows a similar person who is a look alike of former US President Donald Trump. This video shot in Pakistan shows a Kulfi seller and the singer has shared this video even on Twitter asking people to identify him.

The Kulfi seller who looks quite similar to Donald Trump with blonde hair was seen wearing pyjamas and singing while selling Kulfi on the streets. Due to his strong resemblance to the former US President, many memes and jokes are making rounds on social media platforms.

Many have come out with his identity and location mentioning that he is from Sahiwal who is selling Kulfi in Grain market and surroundings according to some responses received on social media platforms. But whatever it is and whoever he is, his stark resemblance to Donald Trump has become hot topic of discussion among social media circles.


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