10 Things Do While Watching TV

1. Doodling

Grab your favourite pens and a sketchbook ladies because doodling is a perfect way to get in touch with your inner artist and creative side while watching  TV.

2.Folding laundry

Iron your clothes,  fold your t-shirts and pair your socks.

3. Meal preparation

Especially when I’ve made a recipe before, the task of meal prepping is so autonomous which, for me and my brain, makes it almost unbearable. But lately, I’ve been turning on episodes of Shadow and Bone while chopping veggies which makes the time fly by and makes the chore a lot less boring.

4. Cleaning your makeup brushes

Cleaning our makeup brushes is a tedious task that we never do quite but enough. But what if you incorporated it into your Sunday binge-watch? Not only one you figure out what happens past last week’s cliffhanger, but you’ll also be setting your skin up for a better, cleaner week ahead.

5. Needlework

TBT to the days when my grandmother would try her damned hardest to get me to grasp the concept of knitting, I’d get bored, and run around doing cartwheels instead.

6. Organizing your junk drawer

Because we all have one and we’re tired of digging our way through facemasks, candle lighters, wedding invitations, scissors, and bills galore on our way to find on a singular pen. I have a feeling that once I tackle my junk drawer, my life will be significantly better.

7. Planning out your week

Whether you’re a planner person, a to-do list groupie or a Google Calendar stan is no matter. Use your next TV binge-watch season to figure out what meetings you have for the week ahead.

8. Painting

We’re here to paint some numbers and it’s over for you. Whether you opt for freehand on a Canvas or paint by numbers for a guaranteed Pretty portrait, you’re bound to get lost in the sauce and add a little bit of art and character to your space.

9. Plan your next vacation

Taking trips is something a lot of us love to do but, as we may have forgotten thanks to the entire year 2020, getting these takes budgeting and a lot of planning. Create a travel bucket list and pick out your next spot or zone on a trip that you already have booked.

10. Upcycling clothes

Grab your Sewing kit because we are repurposing our old clothing, team. A hobby that’s as good for you as it is for the environment.


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