9 ways to Lose Weight Sitting at Home

Losing weight and staying in shape is a top priority for a lot of us out here. But due to the current situation, Limited movement, and inability to hit the gym, it’s not an easy task.

1. Get on an Easy-to-follow Good weight loss Diet: Losing weight can be extremely easy if you follow the right kind of diet. Do stay away from outrageous diets that bring about temporary results where one might gain all the lost weight right back after a few days. fad diets that work on the concept of deprivation and starvation can lead to nutrient deficiencies.

2. Replace your chair with a Stability Ball: we understand how ergonomic office chairs contribute to increased productivity, but they also make you lazy, limiting your movement. such chairs also add to your back issues. so, at least for half an hour, get up from your chair and sit on a stability ball instead. In this way, you can strengthen your back muscles.

3. Lower the temperature at night when you sleep: Though there are no concrete studies yet, many researchers have claimed that when you sleep at low temperatures, the body burns more calories and fat to maintain the core temperature.

4. Get up from the Couch Every 15 minutes: People tend to get weight staying at home because there’s a very limited activity that they manage to get. So, make it a point to get up from the work desk every 15 minutes to prevent an important enzyme “lipase” from getting inactive.

 5. Find every small reason to Be Happy and Destress: we understand stress levels are high, but do find ways to Destress and laugh often to release feel-good hormones in your body.

6. Keep Fidgeting your Legs: Don’t forget to fidget your legs even while you are sitting idle because as we mentioned above, even a few minutes of inactivity, can put a halt to the fat-burning process.

7. Practice Arm Circles: Arm Circles are very good for toning and slimming down your arms. Try at least 10 to 15 arm circles every day.

8. Don’t Forget to do Leg Circles: Lower legs are enclosed under your desk. So, don’t forget to go for some leg circles. Try at least 20 -25 circles every day.

9. Say no to Sugar:  There’s no such thing as a sweet tooth, keep away from added sugar that makes its way through cakes, pastries, biscuits, cookies, packed fruit juices, etc. Into your daily diet. So, stay away from refined and added sugar.


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