5 Things to look out for The Family Man 2

1. Samantha Akkineni

The series highlight is Samantha Akkineni. A single, solitary, women, haunted by her imperfect past and tense about her present.  She plays Rajalakshmi almost like a Clark Kent-superman split personality. Chennai’s crowded bus and at her workplace, she is a docile submissive working woman, taking sexual harassment in her stride. Watch out for Samantha’s Kickass combat sequence at the beginning of the third episode.

2. The story

The story moves forward from where it left it off in Season 1 at a chemical factory in Delhi, where a terrorist planned to release toxic fumes that would kill most of Delhi.
 Rest assured, Delhi is safe. Now, Chennai is under threat.


3. Shrikant Tiwari


Shrikant Tiwari is struggling with his 9-5 white-collar job, just to keep his family together. He takes all the bullying from his boss, played by Kaustubh Kumar, who for better or worse will be known as the ‘Minimum Guy’  for the rest of his life.


4. Seema Biswas


India has another female Prime Minister, or so we are told. She is played by the enormously talented Seema Biswas. Seema’s prime ministerial at is a steel-willed force of nature.

5. Sholay

Look out for a clever and sly tribute to Sholay in Episode 1 and Salman Khan in Episode 3.
This is one sequel you can comfortably Count On to not let you down.


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