Do you drink cold water? Then be careful!

Do you drink cold water? Then be careful!

During the summer time, every one prefers to have water from the coolers or refrigerators to keep the thirst and heat at bay. But according to doctors, drinking of cold water is not good for health especially during these days of coronovirus spreading fast all over the country as drinking cold water may lead to cold and throat related infections.

The cold water slows the digestion process if taken immediately after consuming food. It also increases the heart beat rate inviting various other complications. Hence its always better to drink water which is at the room temperature instead of going for cold water.

Many are habituated to drink cold water when they are tired and exhausted due to exercise or some other work, but this is dangerous as it increases the heat further inside the body and the energy which is present inside the body will try to balance the body temperature instead of producing the required enzymes essential for proper digestion. So be careful and refrain from drinking cold water hereafter to safeguard your health.


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