Beware of FluBot malware

Beware of FluBot malware
Beware of FluBot malware

Do you get any messages on your android mobile to track delivery of an order which you have not placed? Be careful while opening such messages and opening the links in the messages prompting you to track the delivery status of the package which you have not ordered will land you in trouble.

The tracking app is in fact a spyware that steals all your passwords and other sensitive data from your mobile. It will jeopardize your contact details also and sent out additional text messages to further spread the spyware. The text message requests that victims click a link and doing so it directs them to a scam website.

This malware spyware by the name FluBot is now prevalent in London, Spain, Germany, and Poland which is likely to spread to other parts of the world very soon. In view of the growing digital usage across the world, the cyber criminals are targeting the mobile phones and spreading phishing mails to steal sensitive information from the users.

If you receive a message out of the blue from a number you do not recognize, be alert. Be extra careful if there are links that ask for personal information. As a general rule, never click on links embedded in any unknown correspondence (email, SMS, or otherwise). Some of the most powerful cyber attacks have started with small lapses in judgment. Don’t become one of the many in a long line of victims. So be cautious in opening messages or mails from unknown numbers and suspicious mail IDs.


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