Prashant Kishore, the political game changer of India

Prashant Kishore, the political game changer of India
Prashant Kishore, the political game changer of India

Prashant Kishore, this name is quite familiar and he is well known to all those who follow politics in India. From UNICEF professor to the king pin of Indian politics, the journey of Prashant Kishore is an extraordinary one. He is the only individual in India who can guess the accurate pulse of a voter in any corner of the country. His political strategies and counter strategies have assumed utmost significance in the political battleground of India.

His recent analysis about the election results in West Bengal is an indication of his analytical abilities and powerful strategic formulations. As declared by him, the BJP has not crossed the double digit in the West Bengal elections demonstrating his enormous hold on national as well as on regional politics. Even in Tamil Nadu elections, Prashant Kishore has affirmed that Stalin lead DMK will form the Government which was now proved to be correct.

Starting from Gujarat elections in 2012, Prashant Kishore continued his analytical stint in an unprecedented manner and he got involved in almost all elections in the country till now. In 2019 elections of Andhra Pradesh, Prashant Kishore as an electoral consultant to YSRCP has successfully devised various strategies and played a key role in the victory of YSRCP party.

Though Prashant Kishore has faced setbacks in the form of Uttar Pradesh elections in 2017 as his strategy failed to usher Congress into power, his majority of calculations are in favour of the winning side. Nevertheless, Prashant Kishore has once again proved his might as the king maker by driving TMC to power in West Bengal with his successful poll strategies that were proved right for one more time.


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