Delhi comes under new NCT Act

Delhi comes under new NCT Act
Delhi comes under new NCT Act

The Central Government has notified the ‘Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Act 2021’ in the national capital, which is reeling under the corona epidemic. It has come into effect from midnight of April 27, 2021. The Act defines the powers of the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi. After the enactment of this law, the government in the Union Territory will mean ‘Lieutenant Governor’. After the implementation of the Delhi National Capital Territory Act, the Government of India (Amendment) Act, 2021, every decision has to be considered by the Lieutenant Governor.

Any decision taken by the Delhi Government or the Cabinet will have to consult the Lieutenant Governor before that. The notification comes at a time when the state and central governments in Delhi are facing each other from court to ground zero. The Kejriwal government has been accused of negligence in supplying oxygen to Delhi, which has claimed the lives of several patients.

The Act redefines the ‘GNCT of Delhi Act, 1991’, which re-defines the powers of the elected government and the Lieutenant Governor. Now, the Assembly of Delhi or its Committees will not be able to decide the day-to-day issues of Delhi’s NCT and also order investigation in administrative matters. The bill was strongly opposed by opposition parties.


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