New vaccine policy opens doors for black-marketing

New vaccine policy opens doors for black-marketing
New vaccine policy opens doors for black-marketing

The recent pricing policy of vaccine announced by Government is opening doors to enable the vaccine producing companies to make profit while allowing the black marketing to thrive due to this dual pricing policy.

The policy to allow State Governments to procure 50% of vaccines is ill-advised while Central Government will administer the vaccine at its own whims and fancies at selected vaccination centres at a lesser rate whereas the States has to shell more money to get the vaccine.

Covishield produced by Serum International has 90% of share among 13 crore plus shots administered so far will be available at Rs.400 to States whereas it will be Rs.600 per shot at hospitals with effect from May 1, 2021 where it will be administered to all the adults.

This dual policy is going to open doors for black marketing as the discrepancy in pricing will allow some over greedy people to black market the vaccine and sell it at exorbitant prices as happening in the case of Remdesivir now as a result the middle class and poorer sections of the society are going to suffer. This topic is the epicenter of many heated debates and discussions among various sections of people now with the Government is at the receiving end for its biased and hind sighted policies.


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