‘Jabardasth’ Varsha tested Corona positive

'Jabardasth' Varsha tested Corona positive
'Jabardasth' Varsha tested Corona positive

Jabardasth Varsha who has become famous for her skits earlier in Hyper Adi team and now with Immanuel has tested positive for Corona virus. She has shared a video recently describing the sorry state of affairs that are taking place in the case of corona infected people.

She further added in her live video that dead bodies affected with corona are being packed and discarded and no information about these activities are coming to light as a result she want to come into live to warn the people, Varsha explained.

Varsha also cautioned people to be careful and take all precautions to stay safe. Varsha is presently busy with two popular comedy shows Jabardasth and Sridevi Drama Company.


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