Upcoming actress suffers as skin care goes awry

Upcoming actress suffers as skin care goes awry
Upcoming actress suffers as skin care goes awry

Skin care treatment has assumed significance especially the upcoming actresses who want to maintain thier complexion and glow have become victims of inexperienced beauticians and unqualified dermatologists.

One such incident took place in Chennai where an upcoming actress Raiza Wilson who featured in Bigg Boss Season 1 and got popular with award winning Pyar Prema Kaadhal has went to a beauty clinic for a facial. The skin specialist Dr Bhairavi Senthil who attended Raiza has suggested more improved glow and complexion to her face and has applied different treatment which has gone awry as a result the facial skin of Raiza has turned dark affecting even her right eye.

Meanwhile, Raiza who is having four films in her hand face awkward situation as she may be losing those offers due to the over enthusiasm of a skin specialist. The lesson from this entire incident is clear and it’s always advisable to verify and crosscheck the credentials of beauticians, nutritionists or dieticians and even in case of doctors too before approaching them and following the treatment prescribed by them blindly.


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