It’s bizarre : A woman receives apple yoghurt drink instead of Apple iPhone

It's bizarre : A woman receives apple yoghurt drink instead of Apple iPhone
It's bizarre : A woman receives apple yoghurt drink instead of Apple iPhone

In another bizarre incident which cast dark shadows over e-commerce platforms, a woman who ordered the latest Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max has received a apple flavoured yogurt drink in return. Interestingly, the iPhone was ordered from Apple’s online store and not from any third party platform.

The woman named Liu from China took to micro-blogging site Welbo to share this bizarre incident. She also mentioned that after spending $1500 to purchase the iPhone 12 Pro Max, she received Apple flavoured yogurt drink which left her shocked and highly disappointed.

Liu has stated that the package was not delivered directly to her as she had opted for contactless delivery with a specific request to deposit at the parcel locker at her residence. She further added that it was a shocker to see the yogurt in the delivery box and not the new iPhone when she has opened the locker soon after the delivery. The package was delivered by Express Mail Service.

On inquiry, both Apple and the Express Mail Service, the official courier partner contended that the iPhone was delivered to the location as mentioned in the request. Liu denied this contention and said that she has not received the smartphone and she also posted a picture of the yogurt drink she received on Welbo,

The poor woman Liu has no other option except to file a case with local police which she did promptly. Meanwhile, Express Mail Service and Apple both started damage repair action by deputing people to investigate into this bizarre incident from their side.

While Liu is yet to lay her hands on new Apple phone, this incident once again proved the necessity of caution with regard to e-commerce scams and even more shocking is the truth that even the official online portals are also not safe as revealed by this bizarre incident. So be cautious when you order costly goods online and its better to check and ensure twice that the right product is received.


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