Effective prevention of kidney stones, the natural way

Effective prevention of kidney stones, the natural way
Effective prevention of kidney stones, the natural way

Kidney stones or renal stones are formed due to accumulation of clumps of waste hard crystal-like deposits that can be found at any portion of the urinary tract from kidney to bladder. While kidney stones do not pose any serious threat but over a period, if neglected there is a chance of them getting multiplied leading to severe pain while discharging urine and pain in abdomen. Hence, it is better to prevent them by following the below measures in the natural way :

  1. Calcium rich foods : Intake of calcium rich foods like Milk, yoghurt, and cheese bind with oxalate which prevent oxalate absorption which is the main cause for stone formation.
  2. Cutting down table salt, junk food and processed food : Care should be taken to reduce intake of table salt, junk and processed food as they result in excess calcium excretion through urine which should be avoided.
  3. Increase magnesium intake : Ensure atleast 420 mg of magnesium everyday in the form avocados, tofu, and legumes. Enhanced presence of magnesium lowers the oxalate absorption in the gut and thus prevents kidney stones.
  4. Citric acid : The citric acid present in fruits like lemons, oranges and grapefruit is known to prevent calcium oxalate kidney stone formation. It binds with the calcium crystals and stops enlargement by passing these crystals through urine.
  5. Ensure hydration : There’s nothing like staying hydrated. The volume of stone-forming substances in urine is diluted with ample fluid consumption. Plenty of water or fluid intake in the form of juices, milk, soup and herbal tea is highly recommended to avert kidney stones. Avoid consuming soda, artificially sweetened or sugar-sweetened drinks and colas.


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