Akhil is happy, but Monal is missing

Akhil is happy, but Monal is missing
Akhil is happy, but Monal is missing

Akhil has become a household name after his entry in Bigg Boss although he has acted in a couple of films before entering Bigg Boss. He got more recognition and fandom after getting out of Bigg Boss house. His romantic escapades with Gujarati beauty Monal Gajjar has added more flavour to this image and the relationship between these two reached new heights in Bigg Boss.


Akhil Sarthak is just 25 years old and he has dreamed of owning a car at this age which got fulfilled as he bought a new car and expressed his excitement by sharing pictures on Instagram along with a heart touching note. “I promised to myself that I need to buy a car before my 25 and I did it and this is Only because of my Hardwork, determination, my parent’s support, God’s blessings, and with all your love and support🤗❤️ ✨
I believe in hardwork and I worship my work and I work hard till I achieve it…
Thank you each and every one of you for being a part of Akhil’s family…
I seriously seriously love each and everyone of you” 😘❤️🙏🏻 Jai Sri Ram🙏🏻, Akhil posted.

Akhil is happy, but Monal is missing
Akhil is happy, but Monal is missing

While everything seems to be going his way, his fans are more confused due to the absence of his sweet heart Monal Gajjar during this happy moment of Akhil Sarthak. Can we expect some love from her soon on this happy occasion? What say Akhil?


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