Carona Vaccination : 23 deaths reported in Norway

Carona Vaccination : 23 deaths reported in Norway
Carona Vaccination : 23 deaths reported in Norway

In a major set back to the vaccination programme which was launched world wide, 23 elderly people have died in Norway after receiving the Pfizer’s mRNA based vaccine.

According to the reports, the elderly people who are above 80 years of age and frail have died soon after administering the Pfizer vaccine and many have fallen ill. Norway Government has already launched investigation to find out the direct connection between the vaccine and the deaths. Nearly 30,000 people have received the first shot of  vaccine since December and now Norwegian Institute has issued a caution to all the people in the vicinity of 80 years of age as the vaccination may not be effective in elderly people due to the remaining shorter life span indirectly advising them to stay away from vaccination.

It was also reported that several side effects were reported among 21 women and 8 men out of which 9 complained about serious allergic reactions including strong discomfort, severe fever, and severe pain at the injection site.

Meanwhile, Pfizer has reduced its supply of vaccine to Europe in the wake of these deaths in Norway.


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