Priyamani Plays Doctor In ‘Nanna Prakara’, Co-Starring Kishore

Actress Priyamani is part of the upcoming murder-mystery film Nanna Prakara, co-starring Kishore in the lead. She plays a doctor in this film, directed by Vinay Balaji. She is also busy with the Telugu film Sirivennela, which is in the final stages of production.The teaser of Nanna Prakara released last week, and has garnered a lot of interest. The film is scheduled to release on August 23.

Director Vinay was quoted as saying in a Bangalore Times report that the film has three parallel stories with characters from different backgrounds whose lives converge at some point. “One story features Kishore and Priyamani, the other has Mayuri and Arjun, and the third has Niranjan and Vismaya Suresh. In the last 15 minutes, their narratives will converge. It is a complex and well-thought out screenplay,” he said.Kishore’s role is that of an investigating officer (Inspector Ashok), who is the link among the stories. Priyamani is a doctor who sets out to solve a case.

The film has music by Arjun Ramu, cinematography by Manohar Joshi and editing by Satish Chadraiah.This is Vinay Balaji’s first feature film as a director. He has made short films and has worked as a VFX provider, and been part of the films Operation Alamelamma, starring Shraddha Srinath and Rishi, and Jeerjimbe, which won four Karnataka State Film Awards in 2016. He has also worked with Shah Rukh Khan’s production house Red Chillies Entertainment.


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